Sakura's Drumset Database

Sakura's Drumset Database


Perhaps because SOAP never realized a full album, Sakura built a "SOAP sound" rather than a sound for each individual mini-album. Basically all three mini-albums (and probably the "Paradise" single too) were probably made using the same gear. The only really important change is that as of the "high!" mini-album, Sakura's using an Emperor X on his snare drum instead of the usual Coated Ambassador. Many tears were shed that day...

Snare drum: 14"x6.5" Pearl Hammered Copper
Toms: Pearl Carbonply Maple 10"x8", 12"x8", 14"x14", 16"x14"
Bass drum: Pearl Carbonply Maple 24"x18"

No surprises here. Sakura says that it is somewhat of a return to his DUNE set-up.

Snare drum: Remo Coated Ambassador (top), Remo Ambassador Snare Side (bottom)
Toms: Remo Coated Ambassador (top), Remo Clear Ambassador (bottom)
Bass drum: Remo Powerstroke 3 (batter), Remo Coated Ambassador (resonant)

As mentioned above, the snare drum head changes to a Remo Emperor X on "high!" and "Paradise." Also I am just assuming that's a Coated Ambassador on the front of his bass drum. Nice looking strip of duct tape too.

15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats
22" Paiste Signature Dry Ride
18", 17" Paiste Signature Full Crashes
10" Paiste Signature Splash
10" Sabian Terry Bozzio Radia Splash
18" Sabian HHX Chinese

Once again, I am assuming he is using the same Paiste Signatures still. For one, it sounds like them, and for two, it would make sense given that it's true to the "return to the old L'Arc sound" philosophy. Sakura also has a pair of auxiliary hi-hats set-up but I can't hear them on the recordings. He seems to stick to his main pair which I think are the same old hats. Also, my ears could certainly be wrong, but it seems that he is using both of those splash cymbals on the recordings.