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Nowadays, tetsu's solo work goes under the name of tetsuya, but since I have only one of his albums and he was using this moniker at the time, I'll go with it. tetsu was the first to release an album of the members of L'Arc, if I remember right. He was certainly the most exciting. Nobody cares what yukihiro was doing, and hyde was releasing this weird adult contemporary music, and SOAP had yet to form. Tetsu basically kept writing what he had always written with L'Arc. None of the music on Suite November would sound out of place on a L'Arc album, it was just arranged differently. Since that time, he seems to have only sporadically released more music, and perhaps I should keep up, but I haven't.

Album Reviews

Suite November is a great collection of tunes. WHITE OUT is a fantastic, upbeat rock opener, followed by the poppy and catchy wonderful world. Pretender is fine, but has a generic rock sound and serious attitude, and pales in comparison with TIGHTROPE, which does it much better. shinkirou is a frantic and fast-paced rock tune. Then, SCARECROW, a long tune which almost sounds like The Cure. At first I didn't care for it, but it has since really grown on me. empty tears I dislike no matter how many times I listen to; it's this weird orchestral piece that isn't quite a ballad like Pieces or anata. Lastly, 15 1/2 FIFUTIIN HAAFU, another slow tune, but with an emotionally powerful melody, which tetsu excels at. As I mentioned, any or all of this probably could have appeared on a L'Arc album, and would have been arranged even better. While I do enjoy the album, I always have a little bit of that feeling.

Best tracks:
2. shinkirou

Just see the Suite November review for my favorite songs!