Pearl MR Drumset

PERIOD OF USE: July 14th, 1994 to early 2000

Finish: White, then later wrapped in White Marine Pearl finish
Hoops: Triple-flanged until the "kiss me deadly" tour, in which he replaced them with die-cast
Hardware color: Mostly chrome, with some of the hoops being colored black (depends on the time)
Material: 4-ply maple with reinforcement rings
Sizes: 8"x8", 10"x8", 12"x8", 13"x8", 14"x8", 15"x8" rack toms, 16"x16", 18"x16" floor toms, 24"x16", 26"x16" bass drums
Other notes: Air vents are located near the bottom hoop, located underneath the mount. Sakura was apparently picky about this. Also, he cut the edges to this drumset himself.

White Marine Pearl Set

"My Marine Pearl MR set was the one I used as my main set for L'Arc~en~Ciel. I had this instrument teach me a truly great number of things. A number of times I replaced parts as new ones came out, I modded it to the best of my ability... in the end I even recut the edges myself. This set has become the standard to which I compare my drums."

- Sakura, in February 2006 article of Rhythm and Drums magazine. Translated by James Chertudi.

Sakura used this drumset for a very long time and it went through many, many changes. I have tried to include a picture of it in most every variation so you can see how Sakura changed it over time.

From the "Sense of Time '94" tour.

From one of the "Ciel/winter '95" shows.

From the "in CLUB '95" tour. As you can see all the toms are roto-toms, and actually the bass drum is his Pearl FX bass! So in fact he is not using his MR set at all here. Because Laruku had a very busy touring schedule, and they were touring during the rainy season, Sakura stated that using this equipment was fast and easy to set up and tune. Looks awful, however!

This set was used on the last stop of "in CLUB '95".

A return to form with the "heavenly '95" tour.

These pictures are the famous set-up used in "The Other Side of heavenly" tour leading up to the show at the Budokan.

Sakura's set-up changes slightly for the "kiss me deadly heavenly '96" tour. The biggest change is that he is now using primarily Sabian HH cymbals live and has changed the drum hoops to diecast hoops.

There are not many images from the "Big City Nights Round Around '96" tour. Unusually, Sakura has both bass drums (24" and 26") set up for this tour. This is the only time he has regularly gigged with two bass drums.

Sakura's final set-up for L'Arc~en~Ciel, used in the "Carnival of True" tour.

The set, still set up similarly to "Carnival of True," is used for ZIGZO's first year of touring. It can be seen in THE FIRST SCENE DVD.