"Tierra" recording set-up

The album "Tierra" was recorded not long after "DUNE," which makes me think not much had changed in Sakura's set. He did acquire a new Pearl FX drumset which he says he used for this album. Also, I think the recording of this album was not as rushed as DUNE, and it is quite likely Sakura did some experimenting with different drums/sounds. For example, I would not be surprised if roto-toms were used in certain songs on this album.


Snare drums: 14"x5.5" Pearl Custom Classic, 14"x5.5" Pearl Hammered Steel
Toms: Pearl FX, 8"x8", 10"x8", 12"x8", 13"x8", 14"x8", 15"x14", 16"x14", 16"x16", 18"x16"
Bass drums: Pearl FX, 24"x16" or 26"x16"

Unfortunately I do not have any info on what sizes of toms or bass drums were used for recording "Tierra," so I just listed all the ones I believe he has. I would imagine most, if not all, of the album was done with his Hammered Steel snare drum and a 24" bass, but I cannot verify this. Also it is doubtful he used all the toms at once but he may have changed them around for each song.


Snare: Remo Coated Ambassador (top), Remo Ambassador Snare Side (bottom)
Toms: Remo Coated Ambassador/Emperor (top), Remo Clear/Coated Ambassador/Diplomat (bottom)
Bass drum: Remo Smooth White (batter), Pearl stock reso head

These are all educated guesses based on the sound and what he generally used in this time. However, Sakura did state that with Coated Ambassadors, the fiberglass drums had "too much power" and that Emperors were better for them. He did not state this to mean he necessarily used them on the album though, so we cannot say for sure one way or another.


13" Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats
22" Paiste Signature Dry Ride
20", 18", 17", 16" Paiste Signature Full Crashes
12", 10", 8" Paiste Signature Splashes
20" Paiste 3000 Reflector Chinese

I have little reason to think the cymbals changed much from "DUNE." Knowing that he also has 2 more Full Crashes and could have potentially used them, I included them for completeness, although I am not sure he used them on the recording.

Although I have no pictures of his set during recording, this was the set-up for his live set for "FEEL OF DUNE" and much of the "Sense of Time" tours. I believe his recording set-up would be quite similar to this.