Pearl MXL Drumset

PERIOD OF USE: From joining the band in January, 1993 to July 3rd, 1993

Finish: White
Hoops: Triple-flanged
Hardware color: Chrome
Material: 4-ply maple
Sizes: 10"x8", 13"x8", 15"x14", 16"x14", 24"x16"
Other notes: Sakura may have had other sizes but these are the only ones he has mentioned. Also, with this series it seems the tom arms would mount directly into the toms, but Sakura was using Gauger RIMS mounts. Finally, you'll notice that these drums feature those hideous drum spanning lugs.

Pictures of this set are very difficult to come by as Sakura replaced it with his Pearl FX set very quickly. It has not been seen or heard from since! These pictures all come from the CLOSE BY DUNE tour.

In this last picture, a screencap from the penultimate show of the tour, you can just barely see that he also has his quarter toms set-up. As far as I know this is the last time Sakura has used this drumset.