Pearl MR Drumset

PERIOD OF USE: From April to September of 2000

Finish: White with a fade to "natural" in the middle
Hoops: Die-cast
Hardware color: Black
Material: 4-ply maple with reinforcement rings
Sizes: 12"x8", 13"x8" rack toms, 16"x16", 18"x16" floor toms, 26"x16" bass drum
Other notes: Like the White Marine Pearl kit, the air vents are located near the bottom hoop where the mount is located. Also, the inside of the bass drum has been lacquered black.

MR Set

"As for my MR (now MMX) set, to celebrate my comeback from when I was without a band until I returned with ZIGZO, I had Pearl make this for me. Though there aren't any points I was picky about, and though the time I used it was a bit short, because it's a symbol of congratulations I am quite fond of it as you can imagine. It has a very "natural" sound."

- Sakura, in February 2006 article of Rhythm and Drums magazine. Translated by James Chertudi.

Because Sakura used this very briefly (basically only for the "GET A SPLASH!" tour) there are very few pictures of this set available.