Pearl Acrylic Drumset

PERIOD OF USE: March, 2012 to present

Finish: Black acrylic
Hoops: Triple-flanged
Hardware color: Black
Material: Seamless acrylic
Sizes: 14"x8", 16"x16", 18"x16", and 24"x16"
Other notes: I believe these are the only sizes Sakura has. Certainly the only ones he's been seen using.

Sakura received this drumset for ZIGZO's reformation in 2012. He doesn't actually seem to be overly fond of its sound: "acrylic is acrylic" he says. It seems he wanted it mainly for its looks. In the studio he tends to use a maple version of this kit in the same specs, reserving this one mainly for live performances.

Sakura used this set-up with many cymbals for ZIGZO's "THE SECOND SCENE" and "THE BATTLE OF LOVE" tours. It can be seen in THE SECOND SCENE DVD.

This nice shot of Sakura with his black Paiste cymbal set-up is similar to his set that can be seen in Rayflower's SEED A GARDEN DVD.