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Since I know there are a lot of people surfing the web who are dying to know what I think about certain musicians or albums, I've decided to start compiling reviews of the CDs that I own to make things easier on everyone. Initially I thought of writing long, essay-like reviews of each album (a la George Starostin), but not only was this really time consuming, I eventually get sick of my own writing. So the format is now a paragraph describing the album and my take on it, plus individual ratings for each song, as well as an overall rating for the album.

To make the ratings consistent, I judge all songs according to this scale:

x: Used exclusively for short instrumentals on an album that neither hurt nor help the album with their presence.
0: Rarely given out. This means the song can hardly even be considered music.
1: The song has musical qualities but is terrible.
2: The song is listenable but still pretty bad.
3: A decent song. Typical album filler.
4: Solid song, enjoyable to listen to.
5: Great song.
6: Not only an exceptional song, but usually it means it is in some way important to me. No one said these ratings would be objective! Very few songs will receive this rating.

Albums are rated on a similar scale, but obviously there are no "x" ratings and I can't imagine giving out many 1 ratings, or even 2s, because if I did I'd probably wouldn't own it. Nonetheless, here's the scale:

0: I guess you could give this rating to something like Two Virgins or other such non-music.
1: Most every song is lousy, a very poor album that I'll rarely listen to.
2: Most songs are bad, maybe a few worth listening to.
3: Most every song is listenable, though few are great and a few might be poor.
4: Overall good album.
5: Great album. Not a bad song in sight, and many great songs.
6: A perfect masterpiece. I only know of two albums that will receive this: Pet Sounds and Disintegration.

As you can see, most songs/albums will be judged on a scale of 1-5. Scores like 0 and 6 are very rarely given out. So anyway, now that you have a rundown on how I'll be judging albums, let's dive in. Click on a musician below to get started.

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The Beatles
The Beach Boys
The Police