words: yukihiro music: yukihiro

Qu'est-ce que tu as
pris au petit dejeuner ce matin.
Je n'aieu rien mange.
Tu n'as pas faim?
Si, J'ai faim.

Quoiet de neuf ces derniers temps.
Rien de special.
Vraiment rien d'interessant?
Non, pas vraiment.

On n' a rien prevu aujour'hui.
Ben, non!
Rien a faire
Eh oui
Bon ben alors
Qu'est ce qu 'on fait?
On va au lit?



What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
I didn't eat anything.
Aren't you hungry?
Yeah, I'm hungry.

So, what's new with you these days?
Not much.
There's really nothing interesting going on?
Yeah, I'm serious.

So you've got nothing planned for today.
Yeah, nothing!
There's nothing to do.
Yeah, seems that way.
Yeah, well then.
What should we do?
Should we go to bed?