Welcome to the L'Arc~en~Cyclopedia! At roughly 10,000 words, with 300+ pictures, I hope this is one of the most thorough informational resources for the band on the web. I know I learned a lot making it so hopefully there are things that all you can learn as well.

If there's anything you'd like to contribute - information, pictures, corrections - feel free! You know my e-mail address. Your help can only improve the encyclopedia.

While the information in this site is gathered from many, many different sources throughout the years, the photos I have taken special consideration to recognize the sources. Please visit the photo credits page to see where I got each image from.

The encyclopedia is divided up by year. Each page has a link to the following year.

The history so far...
1991: 記憶の破片 ~ Pieces of a Memory
1992: 目の前を扉は開かれて ~ The door opens before my eyes
1993: もうすぐこの道の向こうにやって来る ~ We'll soon come to the other end of this path
1994: Why do you stare at the sky with your blurry eyes?
1995: Brilliant Years
1996: 虹色に輝く素敵な時 ~ A wonderful time that shines in rainbow color
1997: 「時は奏でて、思いは溢れる」 ~ "toki wa kanadete, omoi wa afureru"
1998: 限りない夢をこの両手に掴んで ~ Seizing a boundless dream in both hands
1999: 来世でまた会おう! ~ See ya again in the next world!
2001: 船はゆく まだ見ぬ場所へ ~ A boat sets off towards an unknown destination
2002: A wandering satellite
2003: Heading for the sun
2004: 声を上げる時だ ~ It's time to raise your voice