Chapter 3 ~ 1993
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     Instead of looking in the usual music circles in Oosaka for a drummer, he decided to look in the Tokyo music scene instead. He knew that eventually the band would have to move there in order to achieve the success he desired. He found his solution in sakura: a man who had no band, but had much experience as a session drummer for many other bands. tetsu quickly called him, sent him a demo tape of the band, and invited him to see one of their shows. It didn't take much more convincing for sakura to decide that this was the right band for him.

Tetsu, Hyde, Sakura, Ken

     The band then headed for Tokyo. They worked out a deal with the independent label DANGER CRUE and immediately began recording for an album. Now in Tokyo, the band found themselves with an entirely new audience, who also grew captivated by the members and their music. March 11th was the band's first live with sakura, and the setlist consisted entirely of DUNE songs as well as "yasouka". On April 10th, first album DUNE was finally released. It was a special edition with only 9 tracks and available only by mail-order. On the 27th, the publicly available DUNE was released, with an extra track 10: "ushinawareta nagame". By May the album had climbed to the number one spot on the Oricon. It seems they had no trouble at all finding their audience in Tokyo.

Hyde, Ken, Tetsu, Sakura

     June 14th kicked off the "Close by DUNE" tour, an 11 stop tour. 10 shows were played between June 14th and July 3rd, and "Close by DUNE FINAL" was played a month later on August 1st. At this point, L'Arc~en~Ciel had moved up the ranks and proved themselves as a band and major labels began throwing papers at them. But tetsu didn't want to take that step just yet.

Ken, Tetsu, Hyde, Sakura

     On October 10th, the "TOUCH OF DUNE" video was released, a collection of 3 PVs of the band: "Dune", "Floods of tears" and "As if in a dream". Their popularity still increasing, the band played off of it and took an even more ambitious step. They began another DUNE tour called "FEEL OF DUNE" on November 9th. This tour was 14 shows that ended on December 20th. tetsu decided, because of the popularity of this tour, that it was time they signed onto a major label, thus ending 1993, and L'Arc~en~Ciel's indies period.

Dune PV Dune PV Dune PV Dune PV

Floods of tears PV Floods of tears PV Floods of tears PV Floods of tears PV

As if in a dream PV As if in a dream PV As if in a dream PV As if in a dream PV

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