Chapter 2 ~ 1992
The door opens before my eyes

     1992 began and things finally started shaping up. The band was slowly losing its dark, heavy edge, giving way to a more majestic appearance. Due to their rising popularity, L'Arc~en~Ciel was finally able to sell out their shows at Shinjuku LOFT. As a present to their fans, the band distributed their first work as a present to guests at the Shinjuku LOFT lives on 3/10 and 3/16. Simply titled "L'Arc~en~Ciel", the video contained live footage of the band, while roughly recorded versions of "Claustro phobia" and "I'm in pain" played over it instead of live audio. During the credits, the song "Nostalgia" played. Also of note that the credit of vocals goes to HIDE in this video, as if someone made a typo.


I'm in pain HYDE I'm in pain TETSU I'm in pain HIRO I'm in pain PERO This video is NOT FOR SALE.

     In May of 1992, the band performed at Nanba ROCKETS once again, on the same ticket as another band Ber:Sati. During the encore, a few of the members of each band rearranged themselves to form B'Erc~en~Ciel. They played no original songs, but covered D'ERLANGER's "1999-shy boy story-" and "Dear Secret Lover", as well as LUNA SEA's "SHADE". Despite making significant progress as a band, guitarist hiro decided to leave the band on June 12th.


     tetsu was not going to let the band fall apart so quickly however. Remembering his high school band "Bystonwell", he decided to ring up ken and ask him to join. ken agreed to take some time off from his studies in the university, but as he began playing with the others, he decided to drop the university altogether and keep going along with tetsu and the others. Rumor has it that he has not spoken with his parents since then, since they were obviously more than a little upset with his decision.


     By the end of June, with new guitarist ken ready, L'Arc~en~Ciel began recording for the first time. The single would be for tetsu's song, "Floods of tears", c/w "yasouka" by ken. Released by NIGHT GALLERY on November 25th, the single was limited to 1,000 pressings and sold out very quickly. Today it is very hard to track down and expensive if you do.


     Also during this time, the band participated in an Omnibus album titled "Gimmick", in the month of August. The album was released October 1st. They had contributed their song "Voice", written by ken. Now that they had began recording, and their lives were still gaining popularity, it seemed like the band had great potential. Little did they know what lie before them.


     By the end of 1992, as things were looking up for them, pero decided that he would be leaving too. Probably to team up once again with hiro in the band Ange:Graie. So just as tetsu was collecting his thoughts and preparing to move forward, the band was set back once again. Now he was at a loss for a drummer.

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